Strangest job interview mistakes

Here at Call Centre Jobs in Manchester, we fully prepare our candidates so that they know what to say, and not to say at their interview although that doesn’t always mean that there isn’t the odd slip up every now and then. We did have one candidate that took their Grandma along for moral support and another one who gave the two interviewers hugs when she left, leaving them feeling a little uncomfortable! And regardless of our extensive interview prep, one candidate gave a slightly worrying answer to the question – “what would your previous manager say about you?” Their answer was “Suspicious”!

CareerBuilder surveyed 2,595 hiring and HR professionals to find out what the oddest job interview mistakes that candidates have made were and the results were slightly more extreme. They ranged from recruiters having their palms read by a self-professed psychic to a candidate who stole a photo from the interviewer’s desk. So based on the survey results, here are the top 10 interview faux pas:

  1. A candidate took a family photo off of the interviewer's desk and put it into her purse.
  2. A candidate started screaming that the interview was taking too long.
  3. A candidate said her main job was being a psychic and tried to read the interviewer's palm, despite the interviewer attempting to decline the offer.
  4. When asked what his or her ideal job was, the candidate replied that he or she wanted to become a "painter of birdhouses." The company was hiring for a data entry clerk.
  5. A candidate sang her responses to questions.
  6. A candidate put lotion on his/her feet during the interview.
  7. When asked why he wanted the position, candidate replied, "My wife wants me to get a job."
  8. A candidate started feeling interviewer's chest to find a heartbeat so they could "connect heart to heart."
  9. A candidate came to the job interview, having a pet bird in his or her shirt.
  10. A candidate conducted a phone interview in the bathroom – and flushed.

Our clients are lucky that we fully screen all our candidates before we send them for interview so there is little chance of anyone singing their way through the meeting, unless the client is looking for the next big  thing in music…