Top 4 benefits of working in a call centre

Fantastic earning potential

Most call centre jobs offer some kind of bonus on top of your annual salary. And this isn’t a pie in the sky, totally unachievable bonus, but something that you will be earning each month as the targets that are set are easily within your reach with the volume of calls that you are dealing with. Often bonus payments are uncapped and therefore if you really excel, your earnings will increase as your performance does. And more often than not, the call centre positions that we recruit for are not in the cold calling market, but are positions that deal with ‘warm’ leads, taking inbound calls from customers that are looking to purchase so therefore the sales come far easier than you think.

Great social life

All of the call centres that we work with have a really great, sociable environment. You will be surrounded by like minded people and you will develop a really great network of friends. And if you are on the lookout for love then working in a call centre is going to increase you chances of finding ‘the one’. Earlier this year a poll commissioned by Lloyds Pharmacy found that call centre employees were more likely to have had an office relationship than workers in any other job. Well if it can happen to Gavin & Stacy then surely it can happen to you!

No experience? No problem.

There are many entry level call centre positions available which require nothing but a really great attitude and willingness to learn! Most call centre positions come with an excellent training programme so if you are fresh out of college or university, then you can jump straight into a call centre job, get trained up and you could be earning a really good salary within a few weeks. Call centres are also really great places to use your customer service skills that you have gained elsewhere, maybe in retail or hospitality. It’s all about being an excellent communicator and delighting your customers so it is easy to transfer face to face experience to working on the phones.

Excellent career opportunities

As I said before, call centres are a great place to start your working life, and maybe you will then take those skills elsewhere, but if you enjoy the call centre buzz, then it is a really great place to carve out a fantastic career. Most Team Leaders and Managers in call centres have come up through the ranks and have benefited from the excellent training and development programmes that many companies offer, allowing them to learn the ropes, progress and work their way up.