Working in a call centre - fact or myth?

At Call Centre Jobs in Manchester, we think call centres are a great place to work, but we also know that sometimes they get bad press. However, anyone who has landed a job with one of our clients will be able to easily dispel these myths, and convince you that call centre jobs can be exciting, rewarding and offer excellent career opportunities.

So here are a few call centre fables that we can quickly put to bed…

Myth: People don’t want or need to talk to you

Truth: People DO want to talk to you

We have all picked up the phone to a cold caller, have someone try and sell you something that you are never going to need and swiftly put it down again. But this is not how the majority of call centres operate and more often than not, our call centre recruits take inbound calls, and provide support and assistance to customers, and efficiently resolve their problems. And if you are making outbound calls, our clients all work in an ethical way, dealing with customers that will be interested in what you are offering them. Of course you may get the odd rude or angry customer and your call may be cut short, but nothing is perfect and for every call like that, there will be ten more that are great.

Myth: The work is repetitive and boring

Truth: The work is diverse and rewarding

Yes, you are answering or making calls day in, day out but more often than not, every call is different and you never know who you will be speaking to you next. No two days will be the same and resolving your customer queries can be extremely rewarding. You will be able to utilise your customer service and people skills to provide effective solutions or sell products and services that they genuinely may need or want. We partner with several employers that work in the care sector, so taking a call in their business could potentially save someone’s life or you may be reaching out to a customer that is really in need. There is definitely nothing boring about that.

Myth: Call centre are a stopgap job with no prospects

Truth: Call centres are a great place to start or advance your career

Call centre jobs are surprisingly diverse and can offer considerable career growth. Those employees with a passion for customer care and service delivery, as well as a proactive approach to their work, will have as much, if not more, opportunities for career advancement compared to any other industry. Many people who start out on the phones often progress to a team leader role and much more. One of our call centre clients, Convergys are a great example of this and offer great training and development with a dedicated training team on each site. Over 700 staff in Manchester are currently studying for NVQ qualifications and there are plenty of management development programmes for those who are keen to progress and grow, making Convergys a great place to build a career. And even if you decide that a call centre isn’t the place for you, the extensive skills that you will have gained are very transferrable to other sectors.

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